SUMMARY: cannot umount a filesystem

From: George Wilson (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 07:27:20 CST

User pressure forced me to simply reboot the machine, whence I
could easily umount the disc and sort out the problem. pointed out that I should also check for swap,
using 'swap -l'. So I tried:
  # swap -l | grep c0t1d0s6 # check for a swap partition
  # swap -l | grep export1 # check for a swap file
both of which reported no swap on my filesystem. suggested I should also have used
'fuser /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s6'.
I had in fact tried this (and also lsof, both with no joy), but omitted to
list it in my original message. suggested I try using 'lockfs -h /export1'.
Unfortunately I had rebooted before this suggestion, so couldn't try it
(this time). However, beware this from the man page:
    "Using lockfs to lock a file system is discouraged because
     this requires extensive knowledge of SunOS internals to be
     used effectively and correctly"

Next time it happens I will try the lockfs, but otherwise, still no
solution other than a reboot. 8-(

Original message:

> Had this sort of problem a number of times and usually end up sorting
> it by rebooting the machine, which is obviously not good.
> Current machine is ultra2 running solaris7.
> As far as I can tell the file system (/export1) is not busy (evidence below),
> yet I still cannot umount it.
> # mount | grep export1
> /export1 on /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s6 quota/setuid/read/write/largefiles/logging
> on Fri Jan 22 19:53:02 1999
> #
> # share | grep export1
> #
> # fuser -cu /export1
> /export1:
> #
> # lsof -V /export1
> lsof: no file system use located: /export1
> #
> (lsof had previously identified a user csh and rpc.ttdbs processes, which
> I duly killed)
> #
> # automount # in case automounter was confused
> #
> # umount /export1
> umount: /export1 busy
> #
> Seems to me that either:
> - the info recording that the filesystem is busy has got confused, or
> - there is a process using the filesystem that fuser, lsof have failed
> to identify?

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