SUMMARY: Solaris 7 libraries

From: Israel Bravo (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 00:06:17 CST

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Jesse Whyte wrote:

->On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Israel Bravo wrote:
->> I've installed Solaris 7 on Sun E450, and everything seams good,
->> except one thing - when I'm trying to compile some programs (ssh, for
->> example) I get a message that the symbol "__inet_ntoa" is undefined.
->> I understand that some system library isn't installed, but how to
->> find which library or package I need to install?
        My thanks for answers and help to:
Casper Dik
Jesse Whyte
Nick Hindley
Karl Vogel
Moshe Bar

        Most of the people told me to check if there is "-lsocket -lnsl
-lresolv" in the libraries list - they WERE here.
        The right and fast answer I've got from Casper Dik - and it really
was the problem - after removing BIND everything compiles without errors.

        Here is his suggestion:

> Looks like you've installed BIND include files; make sure you use Sun's
> standard include files and resolve library.
> (run pkgchk SUNWhea to see which files have been damaged).
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