SUMMARY: 2nd ethernet card

From: Paul J. Bell (
Date: Fri Mar 12 1999 - 10:20:52 CST

in my original message i asked:
some, so call, network management systems throw up when
presented with two ip addresses associated with the same mac
address. it's my misfortune to have to deal with such a think.
this makes it difficult to have multi-homed hosts which is a
real pain.

i seem to recall that under the sun-4c and sunos 4.1.[2-3]
architecture multiple ethernet interfaces each had their own
mac address.

is there a way to accomplish this under the sun 4m/4u solaris
2.6 architecture.
thanks for all the responses.

the overwhelming answer was: use ifconfig to set the mac address
of the 2nd card to some
value snatched from the air (ether) as long as it doesn't
conflict with an existing address on the same segment.

i thing that it is the advent of smart network components like
routers, switches and hubs that has caused this problem, but a
work around is always welcome.

thanks again,
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