SUMMARY: making 'vi' use a different area than /var/tmp

Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 18:57:00 CST

wow, what a fantastic response, took about 5 minutes for replies to come
flooding in.


> When you "vi" a large file in solaris 2.x, it takes up a lot of room
> in /var/tmp
> - is there an easy way that you can make it use another temporary
> location instead of /var/tmp ?

In answer to your questions, I need this for a temporary fix for one
user, as the machine he works on has a very small /var area and he looks at
particularly large files.

Thanks to all the people who answered so incredibly quickly, here is one of
replies, from James Cayz.
Easy - from several locations:
>From your .exrc file, insert the line
se directory={new-tmp-directory}
(If you have other set options, append the directory=... to the end)
You can also set a shell variable "EXINIT" to
"se directory={new-tmp-directory}", for temporary / short term changes.
Last, if you intend to :r (read) the file into an blank buffer, you can
open up vi, and issue the command
:se dir={new-tmp-directory} [Enter]
In any event, once you have done this, you can check it by
:se all[Enter]
And the directory variable should be correctly set to the new tmp
I do this a lot when dealing with password or otherwise confidential files
- set to locked-to-everyone-but-me tmp directory.
Hope this helps.
James Cayz

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