SUMMARY Upgrading a Netra NFS SmartServe to Sol 2.6?????Help

Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 17:25:00 CST

     Thanks to:
     Earl Cooke
     Jeffrey Keyser for their replies.

It appears solaris upgrades are handled differently on Netra NFS servers :-)

I have cancelled the upgrade for now, as Sun Support are going to send me a
disk called '1.3 Smartserve' which I think has smartserve, and a
modified/scaled-down version of both disksuite and solaris 2.6 all bundled
together which presumably will come with instructions :-)

It appears recommended patches do not get installed on these machines
only 1 y2k patch) because there are system paramters etc. that are 'tweaked'

which would be changed by these patches.

Anyway, you definitely do NOT use a normal Solaris 2.6 cd to upgrade the o/s


> This is the login message I get from the machine I need to upgrade to

> Solaris 2.6.
> WARNING*********************************
> This system uses a file-server optimized version of Solaris with
> administrative WEB browser user interface. Please do not modify
> system files manually. Sun does not recommend, nor support the
> of Solaris applications on SmartServe 1.1. These applications
> impact the reliability and/or the performance of the system.
> *********************************************************************

> Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.5.1 Netra NFS SmartServe 1.1 fcs
> 01/30/97
> Is it the "Netra NFS SmartServe 1.1" package that is responsible for
> turning this operating system into a "file-server optimized version
> Solaris"? Or is it running a special version of Solaris 2.6?
> I am planning on using the "upgrade" option on a **NORMAL** SOLARIS
> 2.6 CD (is that right?) to upgrade to Solaris 2.6, then install
> SmartServe 1.1 (if it disappeared during the upgrade) then install
> the current recommended patches for 2.6.
> Is this the correct procedure? Can someone point me to somewhere
> where I can read about what to do about SmartServe during upgrades?
> I haven't been able to find it, and I am running out of time before
> the upgrade
> Thanks
> Marina
> (

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