SUMMARY: be0 device driver

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 16:07:17 CST

Thanks to all for the quick replies. Everyone said what I should have
known (RTFM and all that); that the be interface is not supported under 7.
It's not supported in a BIG WAY! John Weekly and Hisashi Fujinaka sent me
the be driver from Beta 7 to put in /kernel/drv but neither of them worked.
I put it in and rebooted with -r (didn't work), took it to the prom and did
a boot -r (still didn't work), and even installed 2.6 and tried to upgrade.
Nada, zilch, zip, squat. Negative cool beans for me. BTW, it did work
under 2.6 so I verified it wasn't a hardware problem.

Guess it's 2.6 until we do a widespread network interface upgrade.

Thanks to:
John Weekly
Hisashi Fujinaka
Kevin Korb
Joe Pruett
Mathew Stier
Peter Wargo
Fabrice Cuq
Davin Milun
Vadim Sapiro

Jeff Kennedy
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 Subject: be0 device driver

Hello All,

I just installed (clean) Solaris 7 on a Sparc20. After connecting it to
the network it will not recognize the 'be' interface (it is there, trust
me). ndd returns 'couldn't push module', I tried plumbing the interface
(nothing), and hostname.be0 is there. On boot it says it cannot open 'be'
interface (invalid) and then tries to open le0. I didn't have le0
configured at first so it choked heartily but I set it up and that one
works fine now.

The /dev directory shows 'be' as a link to /devices/pseudo.... but I can't
do anything to it, it can't find it. I don't know what the driver package
is called so I can't tell if the problem is that it's just not installed.
I've also done boot -r to no avail and tried 'test net' from the prom
(interestingly, this defaults to le0 which failed the external transceiver

I searched the archives and man pages came up with zilch on
'be' but 'le' was there.

What am I missing? Besides my 'be' interface.


Jeff Kennedy

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