SUMMARY: Ultra 2 flash prom upgrade

From: random (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 11:47:52 CST

Well, unfortunately I only rx'ed two responses to my original
post. I ended up calling in Sun to fix the issue. They ended up
replacing the system board. It appears that the nvram somehow
became corrupted and could not be recovered.

Original message:

> Greetings fellow admins-
> I installed 7on an Ultra 2 this morning. I then flashed
> the prom
> per the instructions (moved the jumper, booted, answered yes to "Do I
> want to flash
> the proms", etc) Unfortunately, when I reboot, I get nothing. I mean
> no screen,
> no keyboard response, nothing. Does anyone have any clues as to how I
> might get
> out of this ???

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