Summary: Sendmail Error

From: Allen, Michael A. (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 08:04:19 CST

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Solution: R$*<>$* $@$n (see details below)

Thx Gang! -maa-

Tim Carlson wrote:
Yeah.. install sendmail 8.9.3 instead.. it is finally a snap to configure
There is no longer any need to play with rewrite rulls unless you have
a truely bizarre configuration

Robert Rose wrote:
I used

R$*<>$* $@$n turn into Mailer-Daemon

at the start of the S3 Rewriting rules and it seems to have stopped it

I used Steve Wardle's solution (extensive, but effective):
SRDB ID: 16242

SYNOPSIS: What to do when systems don't understand <@@domain>?


How can you workaround sendmail generating an illegal address
of the form <@@domain>?

For example:

    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
 ... while talking to
>>> MAIL From:<>
 <<< 501 <>... Illegal MAIL sender syntax
 554 DXX21.DD1153@TEST.DEERPARK.COM... Remote protocol error


Tweak ruleset 3 in the file:


# handle "from:<>" special case
#R$*<>$* $@@ turn into magic
R$*<>$* $@$n turn into Mailer-Daemon

This is necessary since some mailers do not understand the importance of a
magic token.

> -----Original Message-----
> Solaris 2.51 original sendmail version.
> Approximatley every four days the following error message displays on the
> console:
> Mar 10 11:12:04 sendmail[7662]: LAA07661: SMTP MAIL
> protocol
> error: 553 malformed address: <>
> I suspect my mailer is misconfigured and causing some of my users' mail to
> be lost. I plan to add the following to ruleset 4 to correct this
> problem:
> R$* <@> $@
> Can anyone give a definitive solution for this? I'll summarize. -maa-

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