SUMMARY: Ultra 2 vs. Ultra Enterprise 2?

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Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 13:23:32 CST

As it happens, the difference between the 2 is one is a server and the
other is a workstation. The UE2 is the server version and comes with the
server license (more connections) and has no graphics card or monitor. The
U2 is the workstation version and comes with a workstation license (fewer
connections) and has a graphics card and monitor.

Bus speed, number and speed of chips, RAM, and scalability are the same.
Haven't looked into the price difference between the server and workstation
license yet so I don't know which one I'll be getting. We have the server
cd but I don't know if it's a site license or just for the specific

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Hello All,

Is the Ultra 2 the same system as the UE2? I have seen references to both
and the specs seem to be the same. Sun references the Ultra2 in it's
product page but when I do a search for the UE2 it pulls info on it as a
web server.

Are these the same machines? If not, are they comparable performance-wise?
The mobiledyne spec page only lists the Ultra2, as does And
every vendor product sheet lists Ultra2 but no sign of a UE2.


Jeff Kennedy

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