SUMMARY: 2.6 Recommended cluster install gives errors

From: Damon LaCaille (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 10:20:54 CST

My original question is listed below. What I had been attempting to do was
install Solaris 2.6 from a CD that our engineers had, assuming (you know
what that means) that it was a good replacement for our official Solaris 2.6
CD (which had a very large scratch on the surface so was unreadable). After
Sun service had spent an hour on the phone with me, we realized that the
patch level of the current packages from the older 2.6 CD were much older
than the patch levels that the new recommended patch cluster needed to see
before it would install them.

So basically the recommended patch cluster was saying "I need to see patch
level before I'm going to install this patch cluster. Even though
you have this package, you don't have this patch level so I'm going to
report that you don't have the package since it doesn't apply to me" Since
we installed the 'official' Solaris 2.6 CD on Wednesday (after Sun had sent
us a replacement) I verified the package patch level and sure enough, it was
much newer and matched the minimum requirement from the patch cluster.

Many thanks to the following people who helped me out:

Richard Roberto
Yanko Yanez Keller da Costa
Daniel Lorenzini
Bruce Zimmer
Armin Ollig
And of course the folks at Sun Service


We're trying to install the latest recommended patch cluster from Sun on our
Enterprise 3000 running Solaris 2.6. The machine has 1GB of memory, and
over 20gb of disk space, so memory/disk space is not an issue.

When I attempt to run "./install_cluster" it proceeds to go through each
patch directory in the order of 'patchorder' file. However, on each patch
it aborts with an error "8" which means the software package that it is
trying to patch is not installed. However we do have the software installed
that it says we do not. By running the patch "./installpatch" script
manually, it returns the following error: "None of the packages that patch
XXXXXX-XX patches are installed" or something similar, which basically is
saying what the error code 8 is saying.

After talking with Sun Service on this, the best response I received was
that it was weird and that I had already tried all of the fixes. They
recommended doing a re-install, I agreed because I wasn't the one who
installed it. However, we have another 2.6 machine here that is running
fine, but gets the same exact error when trying to install the recommended
patch cluster. So I'm going to reinstall 2.5.1 for the time being to get
our developers rolling quickly.

It's very important that I at least install patch 105181-12. One of the
applications we're installing refuses to install unless that patch is
present on the system.

Any and all help will be appreciated and I will summarize immediately.
Thank you


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