SUMMARY 2: DLT4000 tape operation ...

From: Richard Roberto (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 18:38:30 CST


After getting more feedback on my summary here, I began to think.
One of the reasons I need to eject this tape is because we have
unskilled operators handling our tapes. They only know that if the
tape ejects the backup was good and if it didn't, its bad. I just
had a look at the front panel to see if I can describe the condition
of the front panel lights suffuciently for them to use that as a
guage instead (small language barrier to boot). As I'm examining
the front panel, I noticed that the left side has hardware overrides
for density/transfer rate stuff and there set to the lowest level!
I unset these and I'm now seeing 122MB/minute rates instead of
52MB/minute! The blocking factor hasn't changed and I'm getting
over 2MB/sec performance, very much in line with what's advertised.

Thanks again,


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