SUMMARY: undo 24/8 bit color choice

From: Bevan Broun (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 20:33:06 CST

I was trying to undo my selection of 24 bit graphics mode that I made
when installing solaris.

Thanks to

Sebastian Benoit <>
Todd Herr <>
Gerhard den Hollander <>
Davin Milun <milun@cse.Buffalo.EDU>
Sean Korten <>

The most complete answer came from Gerhard den Hollander

>1) best option
>use the confioguration program that comes with your video hardware
>(afbconfig for elite cards
> ffbconfig for creatorcards
> m64config for m64cards
> XXXconfig for well, whatever card :0 )
>2) Alternatively, for CDE,
>change the file
>(make sure you read the comments at the top about copying to /etc )
>and add the -defdepth 8 option to the line that starts the Xserver
>As for openwin, the openwin man pages talk a lot about configuring
>your Xserver startup I took the easy way out and put a .Xservers file
>in my home dir.
>Check the openwin manpage on how to set this clobally

Thanks again.


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