NEW SUMMARY: hme0 messages

From: Leonard, Roger (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 16:22:43 CST

As many suggested, I did:

ifconfig down hme0
ifconfig hme0 unplumb
remove /etc/hostname.hme0 (didn't exist)

None of these things worked. Finally it looked like turning off the
tpe-link-test in the eeprom stopped the messages and that is what I
summarized as the fix. Well I guess turning off the tpe test is not good
since I could not ping after I did that. I should have checked before I
summarized. At multi-user I used eeprom to turn it back on now I can ping
and I don't get the message anymore. Maybe rebooting the system after doing
the unplumb was the fix, I'm not sure. Sorry for the confusion and thanks
to all for the speedy response.

Roger leonard

original message:
> > > I just loaded 2.5 onto a sparc20 that has a scsi board with
> > an onboard
> > > Ethernet port (hme0). I have my network connection hooked to le0
> > and I keep
> > > getting the message:
> > > SUNW,hme0: Link down - cable problem?
> > >
> > > and it just keeps scrolling on the screen. Any suggestions on how
> > to stop
> > > this short of connecting up a hub to that port?
> > >

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