SUMMARY: hme0 messages

From: Leonard, Roger (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 14:11:11 CST

Thanks to all who responded: My original message was:

> I just loaded 2.5 onto a sparc20 that has a scsi board with an onboard
> Ethernet port (hme0). I have my network connection hooked to le0
and I keep
> getting the message:
> SUNW,hme0: Link down - cable problem?
> and it just keeps scrolling on the screen. Any suggestions on how
to stop
> this short of connecting up a hub to that port?
The responses were mostly to "ifconfig down" hme0, which did not help.
Several also suggested to ifconfig hme0 unplumb which also did not help.
Todd A. Fiedler came in with the winning response which was to:

>Set this in the eeprom

>eeprom "tpe-link-test?=false"

This cleared up the problem. Many thanks to Todd and others for the timely

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