Summary: Sendmail: Unsafe map file

From: Nils K. Schoyen (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 08:46:02 CST

Original posting:
>I've set up an SS5 with Solaris 7, standalone, no NIS. Uses DNS=20
>for host lookups.
>Have created /etc/domainname - not sure if this was neccesary.
>The sendmail configuration files has not been modified.=20
>This happens when I try to send mail:
>ravn# /usr/ucb/mail -s TEST -v user < /dev/null=20
>ravn# dbm map "Alias0": unsafe map file /etc/mail/aliases
>username... queued
>When I use the same setup on a SS5 with Solaris 2.6 this works fine.
>I have tried to reduce the /etc/mail/aliases file to a minimum. Had
>no impact on this problem.

Casper Dik suggested that I should run /usr/lib/mail/sh/check-permissions.

Which told me that /etc/ was group writable.

When this was set to 755, the problem was solved!

Thanks Casper!

- Nils

The permissions of /etc and /etc/mail shoudl be 755, root ownership.
/etc/mail/aliases should be mod e644.


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