SUMMARY: PC monitor on Sparc

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Mon Mar 01 1999 - 13:58:10 CST

Thanks to everyone for not making me feel any more stupid than I already
do. S99dtlogin in /etc/rc2.d was the trick to refresh the console. I
stopped it and started it up again and the CDE login screen came up nice
and pretty. Actually, it came up nice and pretty after I changed the
resolution to 1152x900@76 (thanks to Martin Oksnevad). Everything in CDE
seems to work fine now. My only problem is that the text console login is

For now I'll live with it until I can reboot.

Thanks to:
Harvey Wamboldt Moshe Bar
Benjamin Cline Olivier Giraud
Dan ( Martin Oksnevad
Todd Herr

Jeff Kennedy

So far I have had several replies all pointing me to the m64CONFIG command
(it's not a pre-processor). Here's what happened:

>From a text login I used the m64config program to set it to 1024x768 and
then started the CDE display. The display was a little big for the screen
(but it did work) so I changed it to 1280x1024, without exiting to a text
console, and now it's completely hosed. I changed it back to 1024 by way
of telnet but can't refresh the display. It's stuck on the CDE display
login and I can't get it to a text login. I have tried sighup'ing the
console process but that doesn't seem to change anything. Any way to
refresh the console CDE screen from a remote host?


I have an E3500 with a PC monitor used as the console. I inherited this
configuration and do not know how it was done although I understand the m64
pre-processor can do this (correct?).

My problem is that I have now changed the console to a SUN monitor but the
display is whacked. The resolution of the PC monitor was 800x600 I
believe, and, now that the SUN monitor is up, I have 3 screens overlaid.
When the SUN engineer was here to replace some hard drives (a summary in
the making) I asked her about this and she said there wasn't anything
special that needed to be done if I switched them, that the E3500 would
adjust automagically. Well, that's not the case. The plain text console
mode works fine except that doing a long list takes a long time as it
scrolls line by line. But the CDE screen is kaput.

How do I get it back to normal SUN monitor mode?


Jeff Kennedy

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