SUMMARY: Bypassing prompts in 'pkgrm'

From: Farthing W. Fox (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 11:37:57 CST

My original question:
> I have a situation where 'pkgrm' appears in a script, and would like
> 'pkgrm' to effectively remove the package without any questions asked.
> However, even with trying to use the '-n' option, or trying to echo 'y'
> into the command, it still prompts for user input.
> Is there any way that we can force the package to be removed such that
> this script will work, or would we be looking at something like writing an
> expect script?

The solution was by use of the 'admin' file, as described to me by
Mark (Mookie) <> who gave me the most complete answer.

> I'm not sure about pkgrm, but I'm reasonably sure it'll perform the
> same as pkgadd in respect to the use of an admin file.
> # cat admin
> mail=
> instance=overwrite
> partial=nocheck
> runlevel=nocheck
> idepend=nocheck
> rdepend=nocheck
> space=nocheck
> setuid=nocheck
> conflict=nocheck
> action=nocheck
> basedir=default
> # pkgrm -n -a admin SUNWciu8
> Removal of <SUNWciu8> was successful.

Thanks also to:
 Asim Zuberi <>
 Sweth Chandramouli <>

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