SUMMARY: Netscape Enterprise + SOlaris 2.5.1

From: Ryan Matteson (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 09:30:01 CST

Thanks for all your replies. I have confirmed that there is
a bug in Netscape's 3.5.1 server and that it is fixed somewhat
is the 3.6 version. I am not sure of the bugid but an upgrade
let's it work sometimes.

Thanks goes out to:
Lee Trujillo
Alan Orndorff
Matt Janda
Chris Tubitis
Yves Lambert
Stuart Henderson

Original Message:

> Hello sun-amangers,
> I am using Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1 and am getting some
> wierd messages when trying to run a shell script. I have been
> searching netscape's site and the latech archives for days now
> but have been unable to turn up any information. I am curious
> if anyone has ever gotten the following error:
> [24/Feb/1999:11:37:32] security: for host X.X.X.X trying to GET
> /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~admin/card.cgi, acl-state reports: access of
> /inet/www/cgi-bin/cgiwrap denied by ACL (null) directive 0
> IF anyone has any error message files from Netscape or any ideas
> where I can get more information I would appreciate anything at
> this time. I am rather desperate and have been pondering this now
> for several days.
> Thanks for any information,
> Ryan

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