SUMMARY: Quad Ethernet controller

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 16:28:25 CST

Since the original posting it has been determined that a 10Mb card is not
enough and that we need a 10/100. So, compatibility issues with 2.6 are no
longer a concern. As far as the 10Mb compatibility, I received one mail
that said it would (and it very well might) but I've found nothing that
states as fact that it will work with 2.6.

Thanks to:
Mark Ashley
David Harrington
Martin Oksnevad

Jeff Kennedy

Hello All,

I am looking for a quad ethernet controller for a SS5 running 2.6. I got
several price quotes and they were vastly different, from $725 to $1900. I
have since found that the main differences were that some vendors were
quoting fast ethernet cards and one even quoted me a pci card. I do not
need a fast card, just a plain 10Mb ethernet.

What I am trying to find out now is which ones are compatible with 2.6.
One vendor told me that the X1058A would not work with 2.6 and above, is
that true? I've got the SUN FEH page that describes this card and it just
states a minimum OS, nothing about a maximum OS. It lists the hardware
it's compatible with and SS5 is on there. It also states that the SQEC
device drivers are bundled in 2.3.

Can anyone help me understand what the deal is? The card is the
QuadEthernet Controller SQEC/S 10bT sbus card. I've been to
but found nothing helpful. I've also searched my 2.6 media and found
SUNWqfed but nothing like SUNWsqec. I just want to make sure this card
will work.


Jeff Kennedy

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