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From: Robert L. Harris (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 15:04:05 CST

"Robert L. Harris" wrote:

> Ok,
> It appears that our 2.6 machines like to use /etc/lp/printers/* instead
> of a /etc/printcap. With our environment it would be easier to just have
> a nice clean printcap file. Does anyone know in 50 words or less a nice
> easy way to convert to the /etc/printcap without having to compile lpd
> or have a URL for a HOWTO?

The biggest problem is that SunOS4.x and SunOS55 and betweeen use
/etc/printcap where as 2.6+ uses /etc/printers.conf. Writing a script
to convert from printcap to printers.conf wouldn't be too time consuming
but the next problem is that printer definithions, ports and all is all
configured under /etc/lp.

The easiest solution appears to be a script by the name of
/usr/lib/print/conv_lpd which converts a printcap to printers.conf,
then from then on modify the printers.conf on a 2.6 machine with
admin tool (for the junior admins) and then rdist out printers.conf and
/etc/lp to the 2.6 machines. Next run conv_lp to convert printers.conf
to a printcap to rdist out to the 2.5 and older machines.


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