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Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 22:07:54 CST

Below is the best reply.
The end dot in resolv.conf domainname caused SUNWorkshop site license to
fail. Thanks to everyone replied

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I'm probably late with my reply, but I haven't seen a summary. If you are ONLY using nis, then resolv.conf shouldn't be doing anything.

If you are using DNS, the domain with the trailing dot (.) specifically states that there is nothing past the edu portion of the domain. I don't think that having or not having the trailing dot will affect you in the resolv.conf. The place it may affect you would be in your actual domain files on the DNS server, or when doing an nslookup.

in the resolv.conf file, the directive "domain" states what domain your machine is considered to be primarily a member of. If there is no search directive in the resolv.conf file, then name lookups without a trailing dot will first attempt to append the domain to the name to be looked up and then perform the lookup. It will then attempt some other combinations of the domain.

For more information, I would definitely recommend the "DNS and BIND" book from O'reilly and Associates (the publisher). I think it's in its 3rd edition. Excellent DNS reference.


>Hi, > >I'm using NIS >What's the difference between these two lines in resolv.conf > >domain >domain >

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