SUMMARY:cannot determine current directory

From: Law Syn Pui (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 20:08:04 CST

Hi All,

Thanks for all the numerous responses to my questions. There are too many
to mention here. Most of you got it right . The original directory that
was used to mount the partition did not have the right permissions.

I umount the partition chmod 755 and remount it and it solves all the problem.
The funny thing is that some operation seems to work like touch but others
complain about incorrect permissions.

My backspace and delete problems also goes away because I have already set it
up in my .profile . Previously it seems that the .profile was not read due to
permissions problem.

Well, thanks everbody.


My orginal question was:-
I was trying to set up a new SUN Ultra 60 but I am getting a lot of
I created a new ksh local account and when I log in I get a message in
text window (dtterm )

"Warning: cannot determine current directory"

When I do a pwd I get the same message as below :-

pwd: cannot determine current directory!

also I keep getting ^H and ^? when use the delete and Backspace
in dtterm . Also I cannot get # key when using vi

Does anybody knows what is happening ?

Many thanks for your help.

SP Law

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