SUMMARY: ndd problem

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 12:26:24 CST

Below is the update and then the original query.

All of the interfaces for these 2 machines are fddi (I knew that) but ndd
doesn't support fddi cards (I didn't know that). These cards run at 100Mb
ONLY so checking it's link speed and auto-negotiation properties is
pointless. However, pinpointing where my problem lies is still an issue
but I guess I need a different method of analysis, and it may still be the

Thanks to:
Casper Dik Michael Allen
Ronald Loftin Sridhar M
Tim Pointing Bryan Blackburn
Adam Singer Tim Carlson
Tom Vayda Laura Pancoast
Chris Liljenstolpe (I think that's everyone, sorry if I missed someone)

I have received a few replies but nothing has helped so far. Here's what
I've done and what the response was:

ndd -set /dev/nf instance 0 operation failed, Invalid argument
(if I start with 'ndd -set /dev/nf' it asks for the name to get/set, when I
enter 'instance' it asks for the value, when I tell it '0' it gives me the
error. It does the same for '1'.)

ndd -get /dev/nf "any_thing" operation failed, Invalid argument
(I've tried link_status, link_speed, link_mode, and transceiver_inuse.
Same as above if I do 'ndd -get /dev/nf'.)

dmesg | grep nf nf0 at sbus: blah blah
                         nf0 is /iommu@f/blah/blah
                         nf1 at sbus:
                         nf1 is

All of this has been done as root, not myself. I don't fare any better on
the other machine with 'pf' either.


I am trying to find out what speed my network cards are running at on 2
machines. One is an Ultra5 and the other is a SS20. Both are running 2.6.
The SS20 is a failover for the Ultra5 which dumps to it every hour and
performance has dropped between the two.

I have nf0 and nf1 as interfaces on the SS20 and pf0 as the interface on
the Ultra5. When I do 'ndd /dev/nf link_speed' I get the following:

operation failed, Invalid argument

I get the same on the Ultra5 using 'pf'. I have no idea what type of
interface a 'nf' or 'pf' is. Nothing is set in /etc/system.

I found out about the above by searching through the archives but I found
nothing on this problem. It may be that I need to set the instance of the
'nf' interface but I don't think that is the problem in this case since it
occurs with the 'pf' interface as well and there is only one instance of

All help is appreciated.

Jeff Kennedy

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