SUMMARY Solaris2.6 Local Serial Printer Probelm

From: Siddall P (pauls@ircmail)
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 04:59:13 CST

All -
        Original mail is at the end.
        The main reason I could not get the printer to print was
        because /dev/term/b had an incorrect eeprom setting.
        Alex de la Salle (Alex.De-La-Salle@nmp, pointed me
        in the right direction by pointing me to the Sun Info Doc (16308)
        which holds quite a lot of information on printing.
        The ttyb port had [somehow] been set to:
        I reset it to be true and rebooted.
        Then, after a small tweak of the /etc/lp/interfaces/<bhlpt> file
        all is well and the Genicom now prints :-))
        Now all I need to do is to get a better banner page......
        Thanks also to David Evans ( who suggested
        looking at:
        for information (there's lots of it!!)
        and to David Harrington ( for some help
        with admintool.
        Again, thanks!
Original message:

All -
        This is probably simple, but I can't find the answer
        anywhere here. I've checked out our on-line answer books
        and looked around the Sun docs but...
        OK - We are upgrading all our suns to Sol2 and I've just
        upgraded the sun box that we use as a print host to Sol2.
        It has a Genicom printer attached to ttyb and I used to
        have the "local" flag set in /etc/ttytab so that carrier
        detect was not checked for; it worked fine for the most
        part (I may install a better cable some time later....)
        However now I'm running Sol2 I cant get the printer to work.
        I suspect I need the Sol2 equivalent of the "local" flag,
        but I've not found it.

        I've [sort of] played around with Admintool in an attempt to
        see if I could get it to work, but it's not a Terminal or a
        Modem... HELP :-(

        It may be that I have to configure the port, etc., etc., but
        I haven't a clue what I have to do under Sol2.
        Surely someone out there has a similar set up and can help??

        Many thanks for any/all help; of course I'll post a SUMMARY :-))


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