SUMMARY 2: passwordd security?

Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 10:37:21 CST

My original summary was this:

> I got three answers. Two of which pointed me at different packages:
npasswd, and SSH. And one said why change passwd? To which I have >the
following anecdote:
>Admin: What's the problem?
>User: How do I change my password?
>Admin: Type passwd.
>User: Ok. Lemme try. Nope.
>Admin: How are you spelling passwd?
>User: 'password'.
>Admin: No it's 'passwd' just like it's pronounced.

>So I want to change it because it's spelled incorrectly!!!

>npasswd can be found at
>SSH can be found at various sites one of which is
It caused a lot of confusion sorry. let me explain:

yes, yes I can symlink it.
But, that anecdote was another job, another user base. It was about 6 to
10 years ago and I was supporting end users. Now I'm supporting
developers, who are a little smarter than that.
The point of this exercise is to test new things. If I don't like it or
deem it too much of a maintenance issue I'll reject it.

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