cron question [Summary]

From: Daren Eason (
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 10:09:37 CST

   Hi all,

I have received many many responses on this subject, and my thanks to
all who have replied.

The replies I got follow -

 I was asked if noc was part of the group sys, and the answer is yes
 I was told that cron assumes /bin/sh - I have used this c-shell script
on many Sun servers
 I was told that cron runs with limited env variables - the logfile
works fine, it simply captures the stdout and stderr so I can verify my
backups were succesful
 I was told that only root has access to the raw device - again, I have
used this same user/script on other servers.
I was asked if I log in as root and su - noc to become noc - yes, but I
tried simply logging in as noc, and the results are the same.

I do appreciate every answer given, and have tried every suggestion I
got, but no progress has been made, so I now run the script from root's
crontab. I will continue to entertain any ideas you have, and will
gladly re-summarize when this mystery is solved. Thank you all.....

Daren L. Eason , Sr.
Systems Administrator
Evergreen Internet

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