SUMMARY: multi-swap space

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Fri Feb 19 1999 - 10:46:39 CST

Thank you for all replays, it is too many to list here. Almost everyone
give the same answer!

David Staggs <>
also point out that I used is for SunOS, not solaris.

The anwser is:

     /data/swapfile - - swap - no -

Original Message:

    Hello, all,
I try to add more swap space on my Sparc4 with solaris2.6.
what I did is:
#mkfile 400M /data/swapfile
#vi /etc/vfstab
add "/data/swapfile swap swap rw 0 0" in the vfstab
#swap -a /data/swapfile

It works, but when reboot the system, got filesystem problem. Use fsck,
give error message:
fsck: line in vfstab has too few entries
comments out the line:
/data/swapfile swap swap rw 0 0
in the vfstab, reboot is fine. Then I need
#swap -a /data/swapfile
again to use the swap space.
Anyone know what I did wrong?
Feng Qiu

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