SUMMARY: Resource Manager / Ultra SPARC modules for E450/Ex500

Date: Fri Feb 19 1999 - 05:26:00 CST


Solaris Resource Manager 1.0 --> No one has used this as yet... well thats
admitting to it anyway... ;p

Ultra SPARC modules:

The reason for the original confusion was due to some typos on a reseller
website.... As this has confirmed what I believed to be the case...

250MHz or greater -> Ultra SPARC II, eg. used in the E450, Ex500, E10000

Ultra SPARC IIi is a cut down version available in the low end Sun systems.

Ultra SPARC III is due out, but is unlikely to be backwards compatible with I/II,
so new architecture on the way...

Some performance info can be got from the following websites:

But, no one can justify the cost difference between a E6500 336Mhz module with
4MB cache (12000 pounds) and an E450 400Mhz module with 4MB cache (6000 pounds)!

Thanks to -->

ORIGINAL QUESTION (badly worded! sorry):

Hello all,
Just a couple of quick questions:

1) Solaris Resource Manager 1.0 - has anyone used it yet? If so,
   good or bad experiences with it?
2) I was looking at the price difference between the Ultra SPARC 336 cpu
   and the Ultra SPARC II 400 cpu... Is Ultra SPARC performance better
   then Ultra SPARC II, as the later is half the cost?? I was under the
   impression US II was a faster processor... please advise!
Regards, Alex


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