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Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 12:15:19 CST

Hi, My original question was....


                        I have need to support some Sun OS 4.1.4 customers.
I do not have a bootable system CD for Sun OS 4.1.4. I have managed to
borrow one to copy. My attempts to copy have yielded in failure. My copy
comes out with 2 partitions and the original has 6. I did find out that Sun
CDs are partly hsfs and partly ufs.

                        I have downloaded mkisofs and cdrecord. I also
downloaded the support packages for Sun. I am running an Ultra 5 with
Solaris 7. I seem to be able to make images without problem. I just can't
get the system CD to boot.

                        So, my question is, how can I get a working copy of
a Sun OS 4.1.4 CD??



I received a number of responses to this which was very much appreciated.
The breakdown is as follows:
Many responded to with an answer of just using "dd" and burning the CD.
They were on the right track, but not completely right. Many thanks to:
                Lucia Gonzalez []
                James Neal - HandiCAT []
                Kevin Korb []
                Charlie Mengler [] <>

I had a couple of people suggest that I get a copy from Sun. I tried
calling Sun Express to price the CD. The CD was past end-of-life and no
longer available. That was a great suggestion if Sun still sold them.
Many thanks to :
Jim Robertori [] (also thanks for the offer to borrow the

Somebody suggested that I check the archives. They are right. I didn't
think of that though.
Many thanks to:
        Scott D. Yelich []
        Jenny Partusch []

A couple of responses were good, but I did not have access to what they
suggested. Many thanks to:
        Greg Sawicki []
        Ratto Daniel []
        Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram []

The solution to my problem is two fold. The first was John Benjamins
[johnb@Soliton.COM] outright giving me his copy of SunOS 4.1.4. (John this
definitely solves the problem. I look forward to the snail mail receipt!)
The last solution was suggested by a couple of people, but Lukas Karrer
[] had a web page that described what I needed and more.
Check out
<> . I had to wade through the
info that I didn't need, but he was right on the money. Also many thanks to
Masopust Christian []. He suggested pretty
much the same thing. Any ways here is what I did.

The Sun CD had six partitions. The first is a hsfs file system. The rest
are ufs file systems. Hence the problem.
The first thing that I did on the Su was mount the CD without vold running.
I ran the command "prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s2"
I totaled the block sizes of all the partitions and multiplied by 512 to
get the actual total in bytes of the CD.
Then I "dd" slices 1 - 5 each to a separate file.
        "dd if=/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s[1-5] of=slice.s[1-5]"
                I then "dd" slice 0 to yet another file.
                        "dd if=/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s0 of=slice.s0"
                I then "cat" each of the files into an image file
                        "cat slice.s0 slice.s1 slice.s2 slice.s3 slice.s4
slice.s5 >> sunos414.iso
                I verified the size of the file with the number of bytes
from the prtvtoc output above. They were the same.
                I then ftp'd the image file over to an NT box with a burner
and told it to burn an image file. Upon completion, I tested the CD by
being able to boot the workstation off of the copy that I had just made from
the image. I plan to do a test build of a workstation to make sure that all
is well, but being able to boot off of the CD was the major hurdle to
overcome. I believe the rest should be fine.

Again, many thanks for all of the responses. They were indeed helpful. I
do greatly appreciate all of them. I apologize for the long time in
responding. It took me awhile to get to complete this because of my regular


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