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Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 10:31:10 CST

Well, we have a verdict:

My original question:

>Hi Sun-Managers:
>Another sys. admin and I recently found out that any one filesystem swapfile is
>limited to 2GB in size even on Solaris 2.6. My question is wondering about
>device swap. I know you can create partitions greater than 2GB, but if swap
>uses up to 2GB, it would be useless to make them any greater. Anyone have any
>info on this?

The skinny is this:

To get more than 2GB swap, you need multiple swap partitions/files (which I
already knew). The first partition must be under 2GB so that savecore can do a

Some of the responses are supplied below...

>From Yvonne Herman:
Swap is not limited to 2 gig - you need to limit your first allocated swap
to 2 gig or a little under so that you can do a savecore. If you have the
first allocated swap file over 2 gig, then the system can not do a savecore

>From Moshe Bar:

I can confirm this. Also Adrian Cockcroft states it in his website at

>From Casper Dik:

Same limitation applies; except when running Solaris 7 in 32 bit mode, swap
files and partitions are limited to 2GB.


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