SUMMARY: Netscape + solaris2.6

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 10:27:54 CST

Holy quick response Batman. An answer in less than an hour.

Many thanks to Ed Miesch who had experienced this once before. He writes:

        Kill and restart rpc.lockd on the new server.
        We have seen the same problem.

That's why I need an extra pair of eyes from time to time. Since I was running
Netscape off the workstation, my mind was set in thinking that the locking
problem was on the workstation side. My mind was stuck and never would I have
thought of restarting the lockd on the server side instead of the workstation.
Especially when it worked when running remotely when login to the server.

Thanks again Ed. And once again, this list proves its value.



Hello Sun gurus. I have a problem I just can't figure out. I checked the
archives and sunsolve but nobody has experience this before it seems.

In an effort to allocate more home directory disk space, I've moved some of the
users' home directory to a new server. They are only automounting the home
directories off the server hence are still working off their own workstations.
But ever since the move, something strange has been happening. They would be
able to run Netscape just fine. Go into Netscape mail. But when they hit "New
Msg" to send out an email, Netscape would just hang forever. Their CDE works
fine so that they can go to another window and eventually kill the netscape
process. But Netscape hangs when created composing a new message.

We've tried renaming their .netscape directory so that a new one is created and
start from scratch. Same thing. Clean out /tmp and /var/tmp and even rebooted.
 Same thing. It's not machine dependent anyway since it happens to all the
users who was moved it seems. I did a truss on netscape and it seems it's
hanging with the error:

18113: setcontext(0xEFFFADA8)
18113: Received signal #14, SIGALRM, in fcntl() [caught]
18113: fcntl(25, F_GETLK, 0xEFFFB230) Err#91 ERESTART
18113: setcontext(0xEFFFAD98)
18113: Received signal #14, SIGALRM, in fcntl() [caught]
18113: fcntl(25, F_GETLK, 0xEFFFB230) Err#91 ERESTART
... etc.

So it's not able to get a lock? How does this work since the users are most
certainly able to write to their home directories. And by recreating the
.netscape dir, they certainly have write permissions to create any locks they
want. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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