SUMMRY : csh system startup file for SunOS 4.1

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Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 04:15:34 CST

Hello dears,

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the original question was :

 I've a problem with csh in SunOS 4.1. I want to set some variables such
 as path and MANPATH and do some checkings. In Solaris 2.x csh first reads
 /etc/.login but it seems that there is not similar thing in SunOS 4.1.

 Is there other way to do that, or is there any newer version of csh
 that I can use with SunOS 4.1?

It seems that there is no exact soloution in csh and SunOS 4.1. the
suggestions are :

1 - using a shell script as a login shell that acts as the system startup file
and then executes user's .cshrc and .login.
2 - adding a line in start of any users .cshrc or .login :
    "source <global startup file". it seems good, but users MUST not
    erase or change this line!
3 - others point me to tcsh.

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