SUMMARY: Sendmail woes! What else..

From: John Malick (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 14:03:07 CST

Thanks to all that helped although no one hit the answer there were some good
suggestions. See original message below.

The problem was someone had setup up disk quotas on /var/mail without informing
me. The space allocation of the disk quota was sufficient for me to receive
mail. The problem was with the inode allocation. They set the inode limit to
two. My mail file was one, the /var/tmp/mailXXXX file was two and sendmail also
creates a temporary /var/mail/jmalickXXXX file. Thats three and beyond the inode
limit placed on the filesystem for that particular user.

You can see where the confusion came in as there were no error messages at all
that indicated a quota problem but instead pointed to permission issues. This
was very misleading.

I only solved the problem after analyzing a long 11KB truss output and found
right in the middle an obscure error #49. After looking this up it point to disk
quota issues.

Again, thanks to everyone for their suggestions.


Permissions on my mail files in /var/mail are owned by mail. I think that fixed
my problem when I had the similar thing happen.


On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, John Malick wrote:

> Getting the following error message when sending email to a local user:
> mail: /var/mail/jmalick
> mail: Can't open '/var/tmp/mail003013' type: r+
> mail: Cannot create dead.letter
> 550 jmalick... Can't create output
> The problem is that I've already made the permissions of the /var/mail and
> /var/tmp directory equal to 3777 or rwxrwxrwt , as needed in the Sun sendmail
> FAQ.
> Anyone else with any ideas? I'm on Solaris 2.5.1 running sendmail 8.9.3 and my
> is attached below.

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