SUMMARY: Out of memory (LAPB Down on link 0)

From: John Black (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 09:53:37 CST


Thank you very much to following people who replied.

Matt Simmons <> (Umesh C Singhal)
"John P. Dodge" <>
Shane Macaulay <>
Seth Rothenberg <>
"Randy J. Parker" <>

The remedies suggested by these guys are given below.

1) top must be used to find out the processes which are memory

2) patches must be installed for the x.25 as well as the os.

3) memtool should be used to find out the memory hoggers.

I do not have top installed on my system. but I think ps does the
same thing. The output of 'ps -el' gives the memory usage in SZ field.
But I don't see any thing which is chewing up either memory or CPU.
I have installed all the patches for solistice 9.1 but the problem

I have plans to use memtool as well. Let us hope it will solve the problem.
Anyway, thank you very much to all those who took interest.

John Black

My original question was:

  I am working on SunOS 5.5 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1 using Solaris

  I am using solistice 9.1 for x.25 based connectivity. I am facing a problem
for the past few months. The solistice 9.1 ocassionaly stops working by
generating an error message:

  LAPB down on link 0

  At this stage, if I restart x25 links using x25tool then the solistice
starts fine but it again gives same problem after 15-30 minutes. The only
remedy is to reboot the system. LAPB goes down after an uptime of 1 day and
few hours only. Therefore, I have to reboot the system after every 24 hours.

  Just after this problem arises, the output of 'sar -r 1 5' command is:

  12:39:50 freemem freeswap
  12:39:51 76 1585980
  12:39:52 100 1603600
  12:39:53 87 1601248
  12:39:54 84 1600160
  12:39:55 90 1599072

  Average 87 1597988

  As evident, some thing is chewing up memory rapidly and it takes upto one
day and few hours to eat up all the RAM of the system. Finally when there is
no RAM for the x.25 software, LAPB goes down.

  Please advise me on how to check which process is the memory hogger. Is
there any command in solaris which may be helpful in finding how much ram a
particular process is taking (other than ps -el SZ field). Please also let me
know, is it possible to clear up memory without rebooting the system.

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