SUMMARY: compile sendmail support access_db on solaris 2.6

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Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 00:34:27 CST

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> Hello all
> How can i compile a sendmail which support FEATURE(access_db) on a solaris 2.6?
> We have GNUgcc and GNUm4 and BerkeleyDB on our server.
> We use command "sh Build" to compile sendmail, config sendmail with the FEATURE(`access_db').
> When we run the "sendmail -v -bi', it told us "readcf :map access: class hash not available."
> If we compile the sendmail with "sh Build -I/BerkeleyDB/include -L/BerkeleyDB/lib",then no error
> occur when run "sendmail -v -bi".But the /etc/mail/access is not take effect!
> what's the matter?

Dave McFerren <> wrote :

Remember to make a new file using the files in the cf/cf directory.
It looks like you have a reference to a hash type of database in your file, but your machine doesn't understand the hash type of database
coding. Change the lines that says

Kaccess hash -o /etc/mail/access


Kaccess dbm -o /etc/mail/access

then create the /etc/mail directory if it is not already there, and create an
access file as stated in the README in the cf subdirectory.

then to create your access database, type

makedbm access access

and an access database that your .cf file references will be used.

Thanks to all:

Dave McFerren
Jeffrey Graham
Eric Lewandowski
Wayne E. Smith
Raymond P. Delaney Jr.


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