SUMMARY: Mounting Solaris file systems under SunOS

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Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 15:05:35 CST

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>Hi All,
>I've got a Sparc 20 that is configured for dual boot. One disk is loaded
>with Solaris 2.6 And the other with SunOS 4.1.4. I manipulate the boot
>through the eeprom.
>I've got a problem on my Solaris drive and can not boot, so I figured I'd
>boot into SunOS and just mount the partitions of interest to make assorted
>changes, but when I attempt to mount the Solaris partitions, I get the
>following error:
>mount /dev/sd2a /mnt
>mount: /dev/sd2a on /mnt: I/O error
>mount: giving up on:
> /mnt
>I even tried the -d option to see if the problem was related to a system V
>RFS mounts.
>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The consensus is that I'm SOL.

>IMHO you're FUBARed. Solaris did away with the 2GB file size
>limit, which needs a larger "size of file" field in the directory
>entries than in SunOS - as well as in the kernel-internal
>structures relating to file access. In other words, a SunOS
>kernel and a Solaris filesystem are incompatible in a pretty
>fundamental way.
>There's no problem NFS mounting Solaris filesystems onto SunOS
>boxes, unless a file actually exceeds the 2GB limit, if this is
>of any help.
> J. Bern

I've discovered that I can successfully mount SunOS 4.2 partitions
under Solaris, but like the above points out, not the reverse. I
Have solved my intial problem, just not with this method.

Thanks to all:

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