Summary: what next - StorEdge A1000

From: Alan Fox (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 09:02:27 CST

Well, classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. I was expecting to
have to do something 'different' to use the raid array. As it turns out, pretty
much like using a normal disk - partition, format, newfs, and away we go.
        Thanks to Doug Otto, Andrew Greer, Benjamin Cline, Peter Keating,
Patrick Shannon, Hooman Abrishami, Sridhar M. Special thanks to Jeff Hodge for
letting me know someone else had gone through the same experience.
Origianl message:

>I have installed my first raid box, Sun StorEdge A1000, and the corresponding
>Raid Manager 6.1.1 software. After running Raid Manager, it come up with what
>appears to be a preconfigured drive group at raid 5, LUN 0. It is using all 4
>the drives in the A1000 box ([1,0],[1,1],[2,0], [2,1] ). The device name is
>c1t5d0s0. Not finding any relevant info in the Raid Manager user guide or a
>quick scan of answerbook, I tried mounting c1t5d0s0, which promptly showed up
>a 128MB partition. Since that time, I have scanned and the man
>pages, coming up with many references to DiskSuite and the Raid Manager
>software. I would rtfm if someone would kindly point out which one to read.

>Thanks much,
>Alan 'humbled again' Fox

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