FW: SUMMARY:xntpd using udp not tcp

From: Marais Gert (maraisg@saps.org.za)
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 00:02:25 CST

> Hi,
> I haven't lost my mind, it's backed up to /dev/null.
> Thanx for all the responses.
> My original question:
> I have scratched everywhere. How do I determine if xntpd is using udp
> or
> tcp? xntpd bind to socket 123 for udp and tcp according to
> /etc/services. The reason why I want to know is because all my SUN
> servers's ntp works great, assume using tcp. The ntp to IBM does not
> work. The blue boys say that their ntp only works with udp? How can I
> force ntp to use udp and not tcp? Am I missing something, because I
> know that I am not a complete idiot, because some parts are missing.
> Any help would be appreciated?
> Well,
> Everybody answered UDP for sure. Some said use "snoop". I don't know
> why I didn't thought about snoop before I asked the question, because
> I would have had the answer right away. I have found a win95 program
> d4time43.exe which is a time client on a pc. This program, with the
> help of snoop helped me solve the problem why xntpd on all the SUN
> boxes worked but not the IBM M/F. The mainframe was listening on port
> 37 and not 123. The program shows that on port 37 Solaris 7 ( in this
> case) will listen for TCP and not UDP. BTW "rdate" is using port 37
> with TCP not UDP where "ntpdate" is using port 123 with UDP.
> Thanx again for all who responded.
> Regards
> Gert Marais

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