SUMMARY: Y2K Errors Encountered

From: John D. Vo (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 21:36:25 CST

Thanks to the three people that tried to help.

Michael Maciolek <>
Daniel T Pigg <>
Marco Greene <>

We never really found out why the error appeared. Right now, there
are two possibilies.

1. When we changed the date to 12/31/1999 23:59 to test our
   Y2K patches, named could not cope with the time change and
   gave the error. It was still working after the error.

2. The patches themselves caused named to issue the error.

Original post:

Hi all:

We applied the Recommended patches for Solaris 2.3 and also the the Y2K patches. We rebooted and set the date and time for 12/31/1999 23:59:00

We waited and there it was, it switched to 2000 without complains. Well, the named server said:

Dec 31 23:59:01 inx named[158]: select: Invalid argument

Has anyone else received this error while working on Y2K?

Thank you and I will summarize.


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