Summary: Solaris 2.6 - boot from scsi CD-ROM Drive Probelm

From: Alan Kong (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 20:30:36 CST

Thanks to:
"Dennis Martens" <
"T Karthikeyan" <
Jim Musso <>
Richard Smith <>
<> (David B. Harrington)
Deepak Sinha <>
Robert Perez <>
"Rothenanger, Juergen" <Juergen>
and others not mentioned.

I have tried all suggestions and the messages were the same:
    "Can't open boot device"

The suggestions were:
1) boot cdrom
    CD-ROM was aliases to IDE, hence not feasible
2) boot /pci@1...../sd@6,0:[a..f]
    I used probe-scsi-all and saw the CD-ROM. That's y I used boot
/pci@... when I sent in my quesions.
3) The PCI Ultra scsi card was purchased from SUN and that should be no
doublt that it would work on Ultra-5.

Thanks for all your help.


Original question:
Hi, Managers,

We need to boot from a SCSI CDROM drive from an Ultra-5 workstation in
order to re-install Solaris 2.6 5/98 Release and encountered probelm and

hope someone could help.

The Ultra-5 wokrstation had a PCI-Ultra-SCSI card installed and the
CD-Rom was connected to the PCI-Ultra-SCSI card through a 68-50 pin
converter. The CD-ROM Drive was a Sony CDU-8012 H/W 3.1e bought from
Sun. The PCI-Ultra SCSI card was idnentified as:


When I boot at ok prompt and typed:

    boot /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@1,1/sd@6,0

the following message was obtained:
    Can't open boot device

I have tried "boot /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@1,1/sd@6,0:a" and
"boot /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@1,1/sd@6,0:f"

the result was the same.

I wonder whether :
1) the boot method is not correct;
2) the captioned CD-ROM drive is supported on Ultra-5 ;
3) booting from a SCSI CD-ROM on Ultra-5 is not supported.

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