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From: Larry Pazdernik (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 16:28:00 CST

Hi Sun Managers:

I wish to thank the following persons for responding to my question:
Stefan Voss
Kevin Sheehan
Rich Fincher
Bismark Espinoza

Stefan was kind enough to point out that my syntax was not correct, and
gave me this command to run: # ps -elf | grep "term/b" | grep -v grep | awk
' { print $4 } ' | xargs -i -t
kill -9

This did return me to the # prompt without any error messages, but when I tried
to do tip/dev/cua/b, I still received the all ports busy message.

Kevin suggested I run this command: echo '$<threadlist' | adb -k
and look for a thread using the zs driver , and figure out which one is using

I ran the command, but as I am not a programmer, I really couldn't
distinguish any information from what the command returned. I did not see
any zs, or ttyb thread,s but most of the stuff returned was in hexadecimal.
I will try to work through this again when I get time.

Kevin also suggested we update to Solaris 2.6, but that is not an option
for us at this time, unfortunately.

Rich gave me a few suggestions, including checking the eeprom, checking the
modem cable, and checking the modem settings, and he suggested I visit, which is where I obtained information when I originally
set this up.

Bismark said to check the permissions on dev/cua/b, and when I checked them
they were all lrwxrwxrwx, so I assume that should not be the problem.

I will probably reboot the server Friday afternoon, after work, and then go
back over some of the suggestions, but for now, I'm still not able to kill
whatever process is attaching to ttyb.

Thank you much for the help and suggestions.

Original Post:
>Hi Sun Managers:
>We are running Solaris 2.5.1 on a Sun MP 690 system. As far as I know, all
>the latest patch's, including the y2k patch's have been installed.
>The problem we are having seems to be with the dial in process when
>establishing a ppp connection. It seems we can dial in the first time,
>bring up a terminal window, start ppp, and everything seems to work fine.
>Then after we log out,
>and try to establish another dial up ppp session, we cannot get a terminal
>window to appear again, we just get a blank screen with the cursor blinking
>on it. I have tried the enter key, and ctrl-break, but the cursor just sits
>there and blinks, rather than giving us a login screen.
>The following is a list of things I have tried the next day, by telnet, as su.
># tip /dev/cua/b
>but this returns:
>all ports busy
>I tried to remove any processes by using this command:
># ps -elf | grep "term/b" | awk ' { print $4 } ' | xargs -i -t kill -9
>but this returns:
>kill -9
>/usr/bin/kill[8]: kill: bad argument count
>I removed any lock processes by using this command:
># rm /var/sppol/locks/LK*
>and this returns the # prompt, so I assume it is successful. If I change to
>the /var/spool/locks directory, I don't see any items in the directory , at
>any rate.
>So , can anyone tell me how to remove the process that seems to be attached
>to term/b?
>Rebooting the server seems to work, but I don't want to constantly reboot
>the server just to use dial up ppp.

-Larry Pazdernik
-Computer Information Technician
-Kearney Public Schools

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