SUMMARY: Compiling from a remote machine

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 15:47:20 CST

Most of you said that compiling on 2.6 and moving the binaries to 7 should
work fine, and you were correct, at least concerning Apache. A couple of
you gave me the directories needed to do a remote compile but the consensus
was if I'm going to compile on 7 then use a compiler that was compiled on
7, otherwise I'm asking for trouble. Just for enlightenment, the reason I
need to do it remotely is that the OS install of this server was end user
only, no development libraries. This was done for security reasons.

In case anyone is interested in the directories needed, here they are:
/usr/ccs/bin /usr/ccs/lib /usr/include

As you can see there is some discrepency but the general idea is the same.

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I need to compile apache on a machine that has only the end user support
installation of Solaris 7. I have a 2.6 machine with the full distribution
and gcc installed. I know you can remote mount the directories needed for
compiling on the machine with the source but I don't know what those
directories are. I assume they are more than just the gcc and make
directory since installing those on the Solaris 7 machine still resulted in

Or, does it really matter if I compile the source on the 2.6 machine and
then move it to the 7 machine?


Jeff Kennedy

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