Summary: Solaris IMAP server displays users home dir contents

From: Douglas Sean Hagan (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 07:33:08 CST

I didn't get the solution that I wanted. I wanted there to be a software
way to configure the server to only show mailbox folders because we have
webmail software that uses this IMAP server, and this software does not
appear to have a show only subscribed folders option. But the solution
that I got from Chad Campbell was in netscape, make sure the option
"show only subscribed folders" is checked. This helped out on the PC's
running Netscape, but I still need a solution for our webmail software.

> On a SUN Ultra Enterprise 450 running Solaris 7 we have Solstice Internet
> Mail Server 2.0 installed. We are having problems with the IMAP client.
> It seems that whenever a user connects to the Imap server, instead of
> simply getting their mail directory, they get access to every directory.
> This is inconsistent with our other platform's (VMS and NT) imap server
> operations. They only show the users mail directory. How can I make the
> imap on our solaris box act the same.

We had the same type of problem running the U. Wash. IMAP server. The
solution for us was to turn on the "show only subscribed folders" in the
Netscape client. If your client doesn't have such an option, there
might be an option to explicitly define a mail directory. Netscape
refers to this as the "IMAP server directory."


Chad Campbell
Software Engineer, Innovision Corporation

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