SUMMARY: rpcbind keyserv problem

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 17:26:50 CST

This problem was two-fold and one had nothing to do with the other.

Regarding the boot message, it's because there is no /etc/defaultdomain
defined. Go figure. In Solaris 2.6 if you didn't have it defined the
system knew you weren't an NIS[+] client. Apparently Solaris 7 got stupid.
Anyway, the message can be ignored, or if it bugs you you can create the
deafultdomain file and be done with it.

Regarding the DNS problem, I did not have "nameserver" listed in
resolv.conf, just the nameservers IP. When I put that in it worked. I
might just be an idiot but I swear I've done it several times before
without nameserver in the file. My apologies.

Thanks to:
Alan Orndorff
Dave Foster
Aki Sasaki

Jeff Kennedy


I get the following error during every boot:

rpcbind keryserv: failed to generate host netname when establishing root's

What exactly does this mean and what does it affect? I've read the man
pages on both and keyserv gave me some idea but I am having problems on
this machine that go beyond it's scope. Would this affect DNS resolution?
Because, no matter what I try I can't get DNS to work for this machine. I
can ping, telnet, and ftp to IP's all day long but no names. I have
/etc/resolv.conf and added dns to nsswitch.conf. I tried sys-unconfig as

This machine is a brand new install of Solaris 7, end user support only, no
patches. I commented out several lines in inetd.conf and several startups
in rc2.d and rc3.d but undid all of them. I also removed several packages
such as audio demo packages and PCMCIA support (it's a Sparc Station5).


Jeff Kennedy

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