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From: Arthur A. Lehmann (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 14:14:02 CST

Hi again,

A Thanks for all the quick responses from:

        Bill Hathaway <>
        Anthony Worrall <>
        Jay Lessert <>

        The overall response was to use Sun's SunForum. I have downloaded
this package, and installed it. However I really needed Video and Audio
This maybe something that the Sun Forum product will offter in the future, but
for now I must wait and try "other" solutions.


"Original post"

>>Question for the elite masses:
>> Has anyone been able to achive interopability between Sun's ShowMe
(any version)
>>VTC (Video, Audio and Whiteboard) with other products (i.e. MSNetMeeting)
with or without
>>a "reflector". I had at one time something, but is was not complete
(ShowMe to CUCMe via
>>a Linux "reflector"), I could get audio from ShowMe to CUCMe but nothing
else... I will


>From: Bill Hathaway <>
>Have you check out Sun's SunForum? It is standards based, and can
>inter-operate other vendor's programs. It is free.
>From: Anthony Worrall <>
>Try using SunForum instead. It is supposed to use standard protocols.
>I have not tried it. You can download SunForum from
>I hope thie helps
>From: Jay Lessert <>
>That's what SunForum is for. ShowMe replacement, free. Do a search for
>SunForum on
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