SUMMARY: Installing patch cluster for Jumpstart

From: Prabhaka Chandrasekaran (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 11:31:33 CST

Thanks for all the responses. People suggested 4 different solutions

1. With Solaris 2.6 one can directly add a patch to the install image.
   This is true but I was trying to install the Patch cluster which
   is installed by the script "install_cluster" which inturn calls
   "installpatch" which then calls "/usr/sbin/patchadd". So there was
   no option to specify to apply against the image

2. Create a link from /newpath/patchadd /usr/sbin. Since the installpatch
   calls the "patchadd" with its explicit full pathname I could'nt use this.

3. Simon-Bernard suggested that I create a script in /a/etc/rc3.d/S99patch
   during jumpstart. When jumpstart reboots it will run this script which
   will then install the patch cluster and removes itself from the start
   up script. I used this solution to fix my problem.

4. Use chroot command. I did not give this a try.

Thanks for the following peoples suggestion

Brooke King
Matthew Lee Stier
Mark Hargrave
Simon-Bernard Drolet


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