SUMMARY: making sense of ndd parameters

Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 10:36:13 CST

To The Group,

Thanks to Phil Scarr and Mark Mellman for their responses.

"The information ndd returns is driver specific. If you know your driver
type (le, hme, qme, etc.) you can consult the hardware docs at and there will be a complete list of parameters and


        "Check out:"

Hope this helps,
Mark Mellman


Thanks for the response

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To: AT INTERNET@ccmail cc: (bcc: Mark Conroy/IL/CDN) Subject: making sense of ndd parameters

Question for the group,

I am running Solaris 2.6 and I need to find a resource for making sense of the ndd parameters (a display of ndd /dev/tcp returns about 60 parameters, and whether or not they are read only or read/write.

Does anyone know of a good resource for determining what each parameter does(some are intutive but others are not) and what ranges can be set to improve performance. I don not have a specific problem, and I am not planning, at this time, on changing any of them - this is more a search for information.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Conroy

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