SUMMARY: Internal Termination on Sun Ultra 2

From: Chad Campbell (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 07:14:41 CST

Q1: What provides termination inside the box? Is it on the motherboard
or is
one of the internal devices responsible?

A: A rough question. The simple answer is that it depends on the

Q2: The internal CD-ROM drive has the termination jumper closed
this seems strange since it is in the middle of a cable (it's on a cable
that goes from a connector on the motherboard to a connector on the
back to a connector on the motherboard). Why would a device that's not
the end of cable be terminated? If this IS the correct place for a
terminator, what's terminating the high byte (the CD-ROM uses a 50-pin,
narrow SCSI connector)?

A: Presumably, the converter does the "right" thing.
Also, some of these drives uses the terminator by a jumper, so you might
see a terminator that's not being used because the jumper prevents it
from being used.

Q3: Are there any documents anywhere (on the web, preferably) that
internal SCSI cabling and termination?


General answers:

Can't answer your question but -- have you tried looking at
Though I don't think that they are, bear in mind that differential
requires no termination (just a really short cable length).

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