SUMMARY: The Cat drawing on old Sun mainboards.

From: Grant Schoep (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 17:07:02 CST

Thanks to all of you that responded. I received so many replies I think I
must have been the only person that didn't know this.
The drawing of the Cat on the mainboard of the IPX has to do with its
Codename, which was Hobbes.
>From Calvin and Hobbes. The IPX was codenamed Hobbes and SS2 was codenamed
Actually most everyone said they didn't know the reason for that cat for
sure, but that was the general consensus that everyone thought the cat was
Although the cat drawing is on the Sparc Voyager, right behind the memory
card. Its kind of funny, You can't see it, untill you pull out the memory
card, and presto, right in the middle framed by the card slot is a drawing
of a cat curled up.


My original Question
Ok, this really isn't a system critical question. But I just have to ask
this becuase there must be some story behind this.
On some old suns, there is a white drawing of a Cat on the mainboard. I
have seen it on a Sparc Voyager and an IPX. I am sure its in other machines
as well.

What does that Cat symbolize.
Of course I will summarize, I am sure others have noticed this.

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