SUMMARY[2]: AcroRead & NewSPrint

From: Stefan Jon Silverman (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 12:27:01 CST


        Enough requests have come in since I posted my summary to
convince me that there are a lot of people out there with the smae
problem and that the "fixpdf" script and changes to the printers
.param file should be in the archives.

        So, they are attached below, hope someone finds them

        Basic procedure:

1). Save fixpdf to a file
2). run add_np_filter as root to install it in the
    $NPHOME/NeWsprint/pl.sun4/C/ps directory
3). Add the mods below to the printers .param file
4). Stop and restart small_openwin
5). Happily print PDF files from here on out
6). Have a little smile for Kevin each time you print...


    b c++'ing u,

    %-) sjs

PS: I am my own employer, therefore: "all opinions are twice spoken for;"
    and they do, in fact, scare the hell out of said employer!!!

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(pts25@lazlo) silvs> more fixpdf
#!/usr/local/bin/gawk -f
        start_pat="/_pdfFaceByStyleDict 4 dict dup begin"
        end_pat="end def"
        if(doneit==0 && match($0,start_pat))
        else if(printit==0 && doneit==0 && match($0,end_pat))
        if(doline==1 && printit==1)

---> Changes to: /opt/etc/lp/printers/SPARCprinter/.param

PLCMD_BANNER=":fixpdf :rev $STACKORDER -T $NPTMP :separator :npcomm"

PLCMD_NOBANNER=":fixpdf :rev $STACKORDER -T $NPTMP :npcomm"

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